Hi, I’m Moira,

The Right Love Coach.

I redirect  women’s attention from just trying to find a man and surviving a relationship, to identifying the right love. This is the only way to ensure that you never again waste time and emotional investment in toxic relationships, or another dead end relationship. Time to quit dating to survive love and start dating to thrive in love.

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Did you know you could be ruining your love life
by showing up to survive love, 
instead of showing up to thrive in love ?


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What's your relationship

survival personality?

The Right Love Approach has 4 Relationship Personalities. Take this free short quiz to discover your dominant relationship personality.

What characteristics do you lean into to thrive in relationships and what subconsciously conditioned traits do you embody when you show up to survive love?  


Access my powerful resources to help you come back to yourself, start your healing journey, identify the right love and bring the relationship and life you desire into reality.

The Right Love Dating Journaling Reflective Prompts 

Let go of the conditioning that has you believing in being chosen, struggle, heartache and unconditional love as a rite of passage for love.


Ok ladies, it’s time to quit dating as normal. Time after time the average ‘normal dating’ has bred neglect, abuse, sacrifice, heartache, and a reduction in overall wellness for women.


The consistent meteriotic rise of the struggling faux alpha male wanna be’s loud and wrong in the manosphere makes meeting the right person an even greater challenge. I'll just say it since not one else will... 



The Foundational Workshop 

You really to cancel your subscription to struggle love and sign up to start dating to thrive in love.

The Foundational Workshop


I’m sure we can all agree that struggle love is over subscribed and it’s not giving what it was meant to giveIn other words, normal dating (survival dating) hasn’t done women like you and I any favours.


This Mini Workshop will  walk you through 4 critical elements to start reframing love for yourself.

The Masterclass 

Is the real desire to be in love,  being loved, factoring in authenticity, fulfillment, growth, peace and ease?
If that’s what you really want, then this is for you.

The Foundational Masterclass

 Say yes to the right love and co create a happy fulfilling relationship.


Introducing a grounded healing opportunity for women who are ready to be un-fuckwithable.


This is where you get yourself together and give up thinking of singleness as a stop over or a waiting room.


Discover your unique needs and values for your right love. 

Manifestation Journal 

Did you know that setting yourself up for miracles, more joy, more love and success is a real option? 

The 90 Day Guided Manifestation Journal

This journal is designed to help you co create the life you want by activating the manifestation phases into alignment.


This guided  journal will help you focus on your vision, reset your emotions and get your mindset right to step into the best version of yourself daily.


The 90 Day Guided Manifestation Journal is everything you need to induce positive powerful co creation habits into your everyday life. 

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Meet Moira 

'' We women need to learn to love from a position of consciousness and critical thinking instead of societal and religious validation. This is how we get the kind of love we desire and change the world.''

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Hey, I'm Moira. 

The Right Love Coach

If we are going to end society norms that cause harm and suffering in our lives we have to date and love consciously. This is why I redirect  women’s attention from just trying to find a man and surviving a relationship, to identifying the right love.

Approaching love and dating in this manner  is the only way to ensure that you never again waste time and emotional investment in toxic relationships or another dead end relationship.

That's what I did over 20 years ago and broke a generational cycle. 19 years on, married to the right love and I'm still smiling and our relationship feels like home.



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''If I hadn't done the work with Moira I would have somehow found a way to sabotage this relationship because I wouldn't have understood what the right love for me  feels like''


"Since working with Moira, I dated with a confidence like I’ve never had before. I’ve never churned dates so quickly. I knew it wasn’t right for me within 2 weeks. I didn’t rationalise or try to make it work.


I’m with someone now and we’ve been together for 6 months and this has been the easiest love I’ve ever experienced. If someone had told me sooner that the right love approach centres you like this I would have started using it when I was 18.


I’m in a great place mentally and emotionally. I can’t recommend Moira's Right Love approach enough."



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'' What I love most about working with you is that you get cultural influences in relationships because  you're African. In speaking to you and sharing my journey as a Muslim woman in the UK,  your compassion and empathy made me feel safe because you understand the interference of  traditional nuances and family dynamics because of your Zimbabwean heritage.


Spaces like this need more women like you Moira for Black women, and other women of color.  It’s one thing to have an expert say you need love but for a relationship coach to walk you through the need for love and freedom taking into account the cultural demands and expectations, that’s special and the reason why I recommended you to my Muslim friends.''

United Kingdom


'' I had around 5 sessions with a therapist about this issue and I got much much more from your email than I did in those sessions.


I have read it through many many times to keep fresh the messages you have sent to me and each time I learn something new.


I am blown away by the fresh perspectives that you have given me on this issue and I am now thinking about it in ways I never have before.''

United Kingdom