Hey, I'm Moira!

I'm the first and only Right Love Coach.
Stop self editing, be ALL of you, and The right love isn't looking for someone like you, it's looking for YOU.

- Moira Chigariro

Hi I’m Moira Chigariro, the Right Love Coach. I redirect  women’s attention from just trying to find a  man to identifying the right love, so they can end the society norm of women expecting to endure pain and struggle in love.


I do that through my coaching, courses, workshops and conversations that disrupt and shift your perspective on what’s socially accepted about love and relationships. I value women equipping themselves to create relationships that don’t make room for disrespecting, neglecting or abusing women.

This starts with who we choose to date and who we allow into our hearts. Yes men need to be held accountable for their trash behaviour however, because we can’t change people, we do our work and make ourselves accessible to only those who respect our presence.

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I mostly work with women at the beginning or middle of their self awareness  journey to create a more fulfilling life, and help them attract the right love by intentionally choosing the kind of love that inspires ease through self affirming validation and healing compatibility.


I’ve developed every single one of my Right Love Approach offerings into a tool that you can use to validate your basic human need for mutual care, before pathologizing and diagnosing yourself. Honesty, care, love, respect, growth, safety and trust, these are all basic human needs for connection.


My work is for you to remind yourself to give yourself grace while simultaneously establishing high standards and boundaries. Honouring yourself when love isn’t reciprocal is profoundingly beneficial in your growth and emotional healing.


You’ve inherited bad dating and relationship practices from family, society and other ‘dating experts’ and it’s not your fault. You are better than the trash experience of love that society has conditioned you to accept. 

Speaking of conditioning you're probably reading this and waiting for my ‘validation’ as an authority to speak and teach  on this. It’s ok, I know if I was a single man the internalised patriarchy in you would take my word for it and not question because you’ve been conditioned to accept male authority in all aspects of life.


So my ‘validation?’ How’s 20 years married to my right love, coming from a tradition and culture that puts men first and teaches women to hang in there regardless of their emotional suffering? How about staying in a relationship for 4 years, 3 years too many hoping the guy would change but holding on because at the time, my christian background had taught me that I could pray for him to change, also if I proved to be worthy he would pick me?

Needless to say he never changed, I finally found the courage to let him go and met my right love 6 months later and here we are 20 years later growing together, loving each other, respecting each other being a soft landing space and safety for each other. This all happened in a deeply traditional Zimbabwe before moving to the UK where we live now with our daughter. 


Reconstructing love our way despite the odds of what was modelled to us. Unlearning everything society taught me about the dynamics of love between man and woman. Is that the kind of validation you’re looking for? 

This right love thing…it’s my daily experience. What I want you to know is that it’s something you can create.

I’m here to help you remember who you are, to reimagine and reconstruct love and dating in ways that serve your overall well being. Honesty, care, love, respect, growth, safety, trust and RECIPROCITY are the foundational values for fulfilment when you decide to allow someone into your life. 


So if you need guidance on how you can still lean into all these values on your own but do it differently with step by step self affirming guidance MoirasConfab is here to help.


As the self affirming woman you’re becoming what will be your next right step using the Right Love Approach?