Let’s Change Your Life

Who are you allowing into your life?

Your needs matter, your wants matter.

The person you choose to be with needs to make you feel and see that you matter.


Someone with words that match their actions.

You deserve honesty, someone whose actions don’t create doubt, confusion and anxiety.


The person you choose to be with needs to provide clarity and peace.

Someone who never makes you feel small.


You deserve to be with someone who knows that disagreements expressed in kindness and honesty are just difficult conversations that reveal more of who we are to each other. These can have compassion and truth doesn't have to be brutal.


Someone who loves you makes you feel safe and inspires you to be better.

A person who values your contribution and supports your dreams. Someone committed to helping you make your dreams come true in the easiest possible way.


That’s the person you allow into your life.

 Where are you going and how are you navigating your journey?

The women I work with are usually at the beginning or middle of their self-discovery journey.

They want to love and to be loved right, to thrive in love and not just survive.

Single or  in a partnership, you get to create your ideal life.


I encourage self compassion, patience, being gentle with yourself and reconnecting with your intuition.

It’s ok to forgive yourself for looking for love in the wrong places.

Love has conditions, love has boundaries and love doesn’t hurt.

It’s ok to be lonely, but don’t let it deliver you into toxicity and settling.


Where you are coming from matters, the same way success leaves clues so does what we perceive to be failure.

Your perceived ‘failures’ are lessons to be learnt, courses to be corrected.

Most of the time the things you believe you ‘lost’ are always replaced with better when you align with what’s truly yours.

You are here because you are a cycle breaker.

It’s essential that you become the kind of person you would want to be with.

It's always about the journey. It's not about when you get there, but how you get there. 

I value women equipping themselves to create relationships that DON'T make room for disrespecting, neglecting or abusing women.


Where you are coming from matters, it impacts our present. This is why I value recognising childhood wounding and healing. Inner child work is essential to your right love set up.


I encourage self compassion, patience, being gentle with yourself and reconnecting with your intuition.


I value helping you discover patterns so you can break generational cycles

I value your happiness and it takes work.

I value your success and it takes clarity, and consistency.

I value your peace and it takes having standards and boundaries.

I value you creating your ideal life and it takes getting clear on what that looks like and a commitment to becoming the kind of woman who lives this life.

Where are you right now, what do you need and what do you want to create?


Book a session, I’ll meet you exactly where you are and leave you with clarity, awareness, answers and restorative self reflection for your next right step.


*fixed term package sessions available on request*